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Everyone decides his strategy
for the game of life. Mystery
intrigues, rivers to cross, damsels
to rescue, dragons to slay, hero or
villain, champion or victim.

You keep on guessing what will be
your next move. We already figured
out that you are the hero; the angels
are placing bets on you. They cheat a
little and help along the way. Listen
carefully when they whisper to you.

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Writer’s Block

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Writer’s block, an age old
curse, is a gift, a signal
that something is wrong.
When our creativity flows
in whatever medium we choose, our spirits are freely connected
to our Creator from whom all
is manifested. A troubled heart
is unable to give forth the love
that pours out to all. He who walks
in love and harmony knows no block
in any aspect of his life. Faith
compassion, and love opens the
door to your creativity.

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Looking for Beauty

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rose 4

Seldom do I need you to
point out my errors for I
am very aware of my failures.
Rather, tell me what I do that
pleases you and I will strive
harder to succeed again and again.

Do you love me enough to see
beauty in all that is me? Can
I be your rose, thorns and all?
For when I am engulfed in your
love, I can begin to love me, too.

Self-love is the first step to
being able to love others. How
perfect is this web of love as
it spreads across the world,
each of us opening our hearts,
connecting with our Creator, each
of us part of the whole.

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Just to Reckon

Confab With Me

Rough waters touched the promontory rocks interminably leaving marks of time for the future to reckon

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