It’s Painful To Look Within

Be Inspired..!!

Yes it’s painful to look within but look anyways.

One of the most powerful, yet often difficult, activities that we can do for our personal growth, is to fully explore why, on some occasions, certain things said or done to us by others can have an enormously upsetting or hurtful impact on us.

Have you ever wondered why some negative situations, whilst unpleasant, just pass us by? We manage to move on quickly, brush ourselves off, and forget about it with minimal effort. Yet, other unpleasant situations can really drag us down, we spend hours talking about it or reliving it in our mind, and generally struggle to let it go. Why is that? What is the difference that makes the difference? Why do some situations upset us so deeply, whilst others don’t?

I believe these are the very experiences that, although painful, provide us with the biggest opportunity to…

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