A twisted lullaby, maybe?


A twisted lullaby, maybe?

A Poem byCoyote Poetry
"June poetry number eighteen. Came to me in my dream. A twisted lullaby."

A twisted lullaby, maybe?

Was the first of June and Johnnie and Lucy wanted a adventure. Johnnie told his dear Lucy, I have loved you yesterday and today I love you more. She laughed at his words. She smiled and she told him. You American boys can whisper sweet words seeking kiss and a slow dance. But us London gals, we need more than words. We need evidence and great proof. You promise me a adventure and place of mystery. You can take my hand and I will walk with you to the city of wonder and madness. Do not try to steal a kiss till we can make me smile.

He told her. A Gypsy carnival in the valley. Known for food of wonder and sweets of…

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Dead men don’t weep no more,

stagnant life lead to deluded ending,

Pretty things can hide the hidden truth,

nothing gain-nothing lost.

We can ascend and we can fall,

the echoes of today and the echoes of yesterday are what we become,

we can be consumed or be condemned.

The old man logic is. Men will rise and men will fall, we will cry and we shall know laughter. Each of us will walk upon the floor of rice paper, believing we are invincible.

The folly of men is, death will call one day.

We will be the witness to life. Remembering old faces, old words and the good days. Life is lessons. Some lessons written deep and hard into our mind and heart.

I am sixty-two years old and I have learned.

Pay attention to your family and your friends. Lead with concern, kindness and love. The world…

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Lady of the lakes…


Lady of the lake


We loved the weeping willows trees by the lake, we loved the month of July and August. Once I wanted death and my lady of the lake, whispered a sweet song to me.   

               “Do words matter?       

 What are we? Maybe we are just, here for a second,  maybe we are just dancers upon the wind, waiting for a reason to be alive. Dear Poet, dance with me near the weeping willow tree, Lets, become like the free and wild dandelions,            reaching for the sky, fearless and strong.”

I brought the Lady of the lake near and I whispered. Please Lady of the lake, love me today, love me tomorrow, love me forever, with you near. I want to live forever in your arms.           

          Dancing Coyote

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Tri-sedoka VII (Thursday)


And so it's Thursday
another week almost gone
but not to wish time away
I still live each day
to its complete fulfilment
for every day is precious

And so for Thursday
for here is no exception
time once spent to never gain
or recoup again
so I spend it with wisdom
treasuring experience

And now for Thursday
for if you are reading this
and the hour is still early
you have the freedom
to do as I do with time
and use it to gain wisdom


Photo – Jempics

Sedoka – traditional Japanese verse comprising six non-rhyming lines with a syllabic sequence of 577577

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Value of Knowledge

Confab With Me

The true potential of knowledge is unleashed when it leaves the boundaries of limitations to the world of unknown

Shantanu Baruah #byme #amwriting

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Because we all live in the same boat

Spiritual messages

power and control

We all feel pain
Laugh or cry
Are serious or joyful
Are fearful or courageous
Are strong or weak
Are normal citizens of the world

Skin color does not change laughter
Religion does not change crying
Feelings are not state bound

For we are what we are
People of the same color

Who understands this
Overcomes racism
Nationality, skin color
Different creeds

Because we all live in the same boat…

DidiArtist, 13.04.2021

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Promote a Poet/Writer Thursday, June 24, 2021

Go Dog Go Café

Welcome to Promote a Poet/Writer Thursday! This is the day of the week where all members of the Go Dog Go Café Community are invited to introduce a Poet or Writer they enjoy reading.

Participating is really fast and simple- in the comments below, post the link for the Home Page of the Poet/Writer you are introducing to us and tell us briefly why you think they are special.

We encourage all of you to visit these blogs (or social media pages) and get acquainted with some great new writers. You never know who you might meet. . .

Happy reading!

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So I Stood Still – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


Photo by yue lu on Unsplash

“Who runs in circles never gets far.” Thornton Burgess

So I Stood Still

The air was so faded, 
absent, but I ran 
and ran in tired circles, 
even then the kite 
had no life in it and 
would not rise upwards,
it wasn't heavy, in fact
quite light, but it would 
not stir its papered joy
for a mere frivol, a 
sacrifice of delight,
and remained firmly
rooted to the ground
so I stood still until
the the air moved the 
kite and my heart sang.

Copyright 2021 ©Paul Vincent Cannon
All Rights Reserved ®

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