The Purgatory Inn part two


The Purgatory Inn part two

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"I needed a night at the Purgatory Inn."  

                                    The Purgatory Inn -part two

On the wall of the Purgatory inn behind the bar. A wooden picture with true words. “Words with no actions are meaningless.”

Many people at the Purgatory Inn. A chess board on every table and a large book shelf to the left of the bar. Loaded with ancient and new books.. I was reading “When Gods laugh” waiting for a new friend and chess game.
I got lucky tonight. The place was full and Mark Twain entered. He saw my empty seat and bottle of whiskey with a empty glass in front. Mark Twain asked could he join me. The seat was empty and the whiskey looked lonely. I told him. It would be my honor. He laughed at me and told me. There is…

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