Til Tomorrow Ends

Kim V. Poetry

You appeared in my life,
Like an apparition.
A ghost beckoning to me to follow you.
And I did.
I would follow you anywhere.

I longed for you tonight.

Locked away from the world,
In this tiny room,
Sweltering from the heat
Of the summer’s day,
I lay nestled in your arms.
Your cool breath skimming
My neck,
As your fingers
Trace your name down my spine.

I needed you tonight.

You opened my heart
And that wasn’t easy.
You breathed life into my body,
And sang honeyed words into my ear.
Gave me a reason to feel something

I craved you tonight.

The love we made was like a
A fantasy that still lives on in my
You touched my core and
Released my heart.
Spread me open,
And renewed my cause.
You made me love again.

I wished for you tonight.

You lifted the veil…

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