Three fingers of the Johnnie Walker..


Three fingers of the Johnnie Walker.

He went back to Aberdeenshire in the Fall of his life. He found a place to drink and to watch the sea. He wrote in his notebook. Only the good die young and I am too old to die young. I lived a soldier life and mistress love wasn’t my blessing.

The poet requested three fingers of the Johnnie Walker whiskey. It was early Springtime in Scotland and he remembered his April love who was far away from his life and her thoughts. She was a auburn hair Scottish gal with rose-colored cheeks and a smile of gold. She became his Bonny Lass in the early Spring of 1988 and she left him in the cold days of Winter. He remembered she would seek the wildflowers field. She would dance barefoot and she would laugh. She loved when the sea kissed her feet and…

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