The 2021 Daily Writing Challenge – June 22

Jo Hawk

2021 Daily Writing Challenge Q2

Monday hit me with a sledgehammer. The 9 to 5 bled every ounce of patience from my being as I sat in an endless string of meetings. I pushed agendas forward, keep participants on topic, fostered problem-solving on the fly, supported alternate solutions to problems, cut off long-winded tangents, redirected the group’s focus towards reaching our goal, and encouraged everyone. Hoorah. Then I started my actual work.

Work progresses on the house project list. The boards, cleats, and trim pieces for the linen closet have been cut to size and sport a white primer coat. The contractor refinishing the stairs reached the stage where he stained the risers and treads and achieved a phenomenal match to the original spindles and banister. I have windows and doors open and fans running to dispel the fumes and hasten drying times. My bed is calling my name and reminding me I need a…

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