Share Your World- June 21, 2021

Keep it alive

Melanie is the host of SYW


What’s one question you wish more people asked you?

Not rhetorical question but with a genuine desire to know what I think and feel. I think we should ask this question to those we call friends and then listen to their answer. Sometimes with just asking them about it can fix a lot of issues.

Do you like eggs? What’s your favorite way to have them served? (Optional obviously, I know there are egg dislikers in the crowd)..

I’m no egg lover but if cooked just right, I like them scrambled. I think my semi-dislike for eggs stems from the days of following the Atkins diet. I had so many eggs that they lost their appeal for me. But I still won’t say no to creamy, buttery scrambled egg with a warm croissant.

Thoughts on scary movies? (not horror necessarily, but suspense…

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