Self Respect or Self Love

Be Inspired..!!

Surprisingly, what I’ve found is that self-love is really the easier of the two. These are the things you do to take care of yourself. That massage on your calendar every three weeks? That is self-love. Self-love might be getting that manicure, taking a walk, spending some time meditating, soaking in the tub. Whatever you do that feels good…it’s all about making the things that make you happy a priority.

Self-respect, on the other hand, can be a little more difficult. It means that you choose the best for yourself even if you don’t really want to. Even though it hurts a little to say, “no”, when you know it’s the right decision for yourself.

Sometimes having self-respect can hurt much more than we anticipate. We fear change or disappointing someone else, so we dumb down our decisions to keep others happy. And change…whoa…usually equals at least a little pain.

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