Overthinking Is Not The Culprit

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The term “overthinking” seems to have been stigmatized by society as a bad thing. Why is that? To think is to be human. Thinking is literally consciousness, or self-awareness, the most cherished of human traits. Some people think less and are less self-aware than others; therefore, they are less conscious. They are more animalistic and act on gut and instincts rather than thinking of the consequences to their actions. That’s certainly not good. Prisons are full of people like this.

Of course, there is also a dark side to overthinking. Overthinking about the future leads to anxiety, and overthinking about the past leads to depression. I’ve never really had a problem with depression, but I have suffered from anxiety, particularly socialanxiety, or being overly worried about what other people think of me. I never wanted to say anything to hurt or offend anyone, and I didn’t want to say…

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