Don’t Have To Prove Anything To Anyone

Be Inspired..!!

All of us have compared ourselves to others at one point in our lives.

As humans we want to feel admired, valued, and loved, but you don’t have to seek validation and approval in order to prove to yourself and others that you are likable.

Seeking self assurance and validation is a form of insecurity and low self esteem. when we have low self-esteem we compare ourselves to others based on their appearance, career level, and popularity. we will find ourselves trying to level up from these people who we feel are better than us.

There becomes a schism between how we want to be seen and how we see ourselves. we will change ourselves in many different ways to prove to ourselves we are superior to them. we will also change ourselves to be more admired by our peers, community, the media, and society. by doing so we will…

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