Dearest Human I Still Love You

Be Inspired..!!


You are worth it. You can do it. You deserve better. You are capable of better. It used to be so rough and turbulent in the old days. I fear those days still have a tight grip on you, suffocating you slowly.

Your innocence was chipped away and stolen ever so subtly. You weren’t given a fair chance from the start. I wish you could see you as I see you. Strong, resilient, troubled, yet wonderful, caring, and genuine. You are real. You are different. You are struggling.

I want so desperately to take it all away. I want to shake you awake, make you realize you are capable of standing tall and leaving the negativity behind. It breaks my heart to see you stuck in this destructive cycle.

I can still see you running wild and carefree. I can still feel…

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