And Justice for All

Charmed Chaos

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” -Martin Luther King Jr

How dare I, a white woman- presume
To know how it feels in your black skin
And walk with fear as a constant companion
Reviled for your rich heritage some may not understand
Not seen for the American, the human being you are

There are those who refuse to acknowledge you or your pain
Yet the pledge of this country says “And Justice for All”
And though one evil man kneeled, eyes filled with hate
As you cried out- ‘Please, I can’t breathe’
Aren’t we all to blame for the state we are in?

When will we see your goodness, your truth
And not the shade of your skin?

Earthweal Weekly Challenge: What Comes Next?

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Amazing Nature . . . Dandelion



Rabbits love eating its leaves, it has a radiant, yellow sun-like flower that emits joy, it is a food, a tea, a medicine and more,
but that which is most attractive is its seed head,
a stunning sacred geometry of the highest order.
a spherical marvel partitioned with fusions of celestial elements borrowed from the best angles of the icosa and the dodeca, a 3-dim mandala unequaled in its carefully faceted-diamond perfection.

Jain 108

Text and image source: Jain 108 Academy

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Reluctant step

Beans, Pen & Nirja

You are a happy feeling in my life
and this feeling is irreplaceable
no one is ever going to make me feel like you did
I am afraid, I won’t feel for any one other than you

I know, eventually you’ll move on
and I will be there where you left me
with a false hope of your arrival
And I am reluctant to make a step forward

Yet knowing the fate, I still smile when I see you

afterglow art backlit bokeh

Image Courtesy: Google

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