Blog Page Deletion? Don’t Think I Could Forgive You!

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Music saves the day again! I was listening to one of my favourite tracks called Prayer In C by Robin Schultz with Lilly Wood and the Prick (below) whilst I was in a worldwide destruction of a mood.

I was going to delete this blog page.

How defeatist and paranoid of me, after all the support and encouragement from people who know me intimately.

Don’t think I could forgive you

I’m not famous or an established author etc. I’m just a woman who has learned to adapt to life after losing much. My career, my self-worth and quite a chunk of my health. My mental health is like living each day trying to control a forest fire. Some days it’s well contained and on others, like today, it insists on raging and consuming happy healthy branches reaching out for hope.

I imagine I’m…

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