Sometimes The Smallest Things Take Up The Most Room In Your Heart


It’s been a long time since I last write up something encouraging and discussing quotes like this. I need something positive to move on with my life and I remember this quotes! Said by the humble Winnie The Pooh.

I used to watch Winnie The Pooh when I was a child and I used to read many stories and activities books from Pooh! It was such a good time! I don’t remember loving Pooh but quite all of sudden, in my teenage years, I’m quite interested with Pooh even before the movie Christopher Robin been released!

Pooh might not be brilliant, but just like the colour, Pooh is a bright little bear. How I wished to learn much from him. I think the only similarity between us is our fondness for food (ノ▽〃)

Anyway, after watching Christopher Robin, I am loving Pooh more for his positive lifestyle. There are…

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Revealed (Haiku series)

Come and Enjoy this post!!!

Secret Thoughts Within

You reached out to me
with your white enchanting smile
and devilish heart

I stayed up all night
reading your angelic words
stolen from heaven

Every thought I had
drew me away from wisdom
and closer to you

The cold light of day
revealed that you really were
a demon disguised

These Haiku (*cough* Senryu) can be read individually or as a connected series.

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The sun, the moon and the stars.


Woman Doing Hand Heart Sign

The sun, the moon and the stars….


She told me, pretty does, pretty do. Kind sun warm our faces and our hearts, the moon light-up the darkness of the night and the stars make us know. Life is wonder and mystery.

She kissed me once, she kissed me twice. Her sun-kissed brown skin tempting my heart and my mind. I told her. I love you my English beauty, you make my heart dance and my heart yearn. You are sweet dreams and the prettiest flower in the meadow.

The sun, the moon and the stars are blessed, when they are honored by the presence of you. My auburn hair beauty, you make the sun more warmer, the moon more larger than life and the stars more brighter. Please let’s us waltz to the sound of the sea, let’s make the world see, there is beauty alive and…

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Oh Me Oh My…


   A lullaby for you…

Once we had everything we needed. The Pacific ocean in view, the Irish Pubs with the sea view and we had time to love and dance. I loved your song and you loved my words. I wrote a million words for you and you knew. We were California dreamers, Big Sur hippies hiding by the sea. Last people left weaving and dancing in a world filled with lies and the twist and turns where we could easy be lost. I whispered my poetry to you and you sang to me, sweet and kind word. I love you baby.

              Oh Me, Oh My…

You were my teacher, you taught me to dance with and sing to the sea,

you taught me to stand on the free mountains and know peace.
Your whispered in the midnight hours had made…

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Spirit of Silence

Tacit Verses by Tanushree

Spirit of Silence
– Remix for Portrait of Words

My heart’s silent cadence –
darkness introduces to me,
the spirit of silence…
I often hear what I can’t see.
While the city buzzes below,
I stare around from the rooftop.
I feel time silently flow,
I smile a bit, I stroll and stop.
My curious feet are quiet –
my shadow is asking me why.
City lights blinking bright –
a few twinkling stars in the sky.
Smiling at returning birds,
the exhausted sky looks at ease.
I try to draw a portrait of words,
sitting in the warm Spring breeze!

© Taruchaya

2021 April PAD Challenge: Day 28
Prompt, write a remix poem.

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Wandering soldier.


Wandering soldier..

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"June poem number thirteen."         

               Wandering soldier..

The wandering soldier, he loved the sin, he loved the gin and he wanted a good death. The wise soldiers know life don’t wait for you. You must seek life, know the jest of love. Love is the hard lessons, most of us will learn too late.
Men learn too late, life isn’t war and love near. A miracle. The old soldier learn the past is gone and cannot be caught again. The new days must be celebrated, tomorrow is far away.

Once upon a time on Mount Rainier ridge. He told the prettiest gal in his world. You are my ambrosia, your kiss is my elixir of joy. Please stay with me and we can create a canvas where love is us and war…

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Dearest Cheryl..


Dearest Cheryl

She was a creature of the night. Her eyes were wild and filled with wonders, like a clear night with the stars dancing above. She reverend love and love did not reverend her. She had descended  into a melancholy of beget and folly. She loved the posies and the smiling man. He spoke the language of love and he made her want to play the game of truth or dare. She didn’t know, we cannot outlive our past. She would find her endearing love and she would ask him?  Can you catch a falling leave? Can we create new story and tale where I can win? She bestowed her love with whiskey kisses and the taste of cigarettes. Her elixir of charm, danger and her beauty. She made the poet brave.

He told her often. Maybe was the whiskey, maybe it is the demand and hunger in your…

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