No consistency with the pain body

Rhapsody Bohème

Another post about the pain body and the RA. Glimpses of light give me hope and a feeling that I’m on the mend. That I am my own healer, knowing what’s best for me. And then there are storms, restless but pain stricken days and nights, that take all that hope and turn it into despair. There is no consistency right now and each day is truly different. Where is this going? Is this another moment you would just tell me to breathe. I’m trying my friends, I’m trying.

Sometimes I wonder if I truly did make it like that tarot card insisted! Or was it just simply too much and I pushed too hard! While I had no other choice, I wonder if my body can forgive me and heal once more.

It’s been peaceful living in the RV. It comes with challenges for a full time living which…

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