We must be, like a river…


We must be, like a river…

(“Bacchus wine are a treasure, Drinking is the soldier pleasure; Rich the pleasure, sweet the pleasure, sweet is the pleasure after pain.”—-John Dryden)

I told the Pacific ocean, I have forgotten more than I remember. I danced alone for the midnight moon, moving and grooving to the sound of Jim Morrison song, “L.A woman.” Once I chased a good death, once I knew the madness of seeking the highest mountain to climb, now I dance with the Winter storms and I pray to the goddess of the sea.

Give me good days, Big Sur and the pretty ladies. I go to my bottle of Tequila, I pour the salt to my skin, bite the lemon and I drink the tequila. I taste the salt. I love the tequila, make you feel the strength of the Mexican desert plants and make you believe. We can…

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