Someone oblivious of her worth

Just me

The epitome of innocence and thoughtfulness she is,

so kind even to those who don’t deserve her at all,

so considerate of others’ feelings and opinions,

so irritating that I hate her sometimes,

so annoying that I wish murder wasn’t a crime.

Not so confident, always doubtful of herself,

never really sure, always changing her mind,

checking, cross checking, over checking every action of herself,

constantly avoiding, not acknowledging that she’s beautiful.

Took care of me when I was sick,

tried to comfort me when I was heartbroken,

stayed up all night to help me with my assignments,

listened to me when I felt like my voice didn’t matter.

My own arrogance and ego never let me confess

how much she actually means to me,

how much I’m thankful to have met her,

how much blessed I am to have her as my first roommate.


This is for the…

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