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How it feels to be “Collateral Damage”!!

Whispers of a poet's heart

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 The sun rose up eerie that day Clouds seem to be at a stand still I really didn’t care much as all Smiling to wholeness of my world As every color brought me more joy With remnants of those moon kisses Still wet and fresh upon my lips Then sadly- I noticed, your absence By then all the clouds disappeared Somehow, I stood there- in the rain Felt the heat burn me in place My heart and mind going senseless My lips suddenly cracked and dried Everything: a new shade of grey Even unspoken whispers couldn’t fly In your wake all you left behind Was for me to innocently sigh Wallow in hollowed memories Kneel in an overwhelming disbelief Even my inhales were half shattered I was just another- broken piece Of the world your horns have ravaged All I am, is your……

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