Whispers of a poet's heart

Photo by Kei Scampa on Pexels.com

It starts like magic so innocently Resistance begets that new friction A whiff, a look- maybe simply nothing Like a flame growing out of control Everything about you is right here I’m bewitched- but I just do not care Once I see your eyes I am hypnotized The touch of your fingers, caressing Sending fiery chills all throughout me Weight of your body covering mine Sweet dampness of your lips pressing And I’m falling in an imaginary truth So much for calling this a peaceful truce I degust your kisses; so intoxicating Then I am lost to you from everything I feel you pulsing trough my veins Like a drug- making me feel insane I can’t hold on, and I can’t let go Am I coming here or am I going there? I don’t know- what is wrong or right The sun suddenly blacks…

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