Barefoot dreams…


Barefoot dreams

A Story by Coyote Poetry
"Good places and friends make distance places good dreams in old age."  

   Barefoot dreams…

I met the Sergeant Major nightly at the Bowling alley, dance club and bar at Seaside. He was forced retired and slowly dying. You would never know it. He maintained his Texas smile and drank the pain away with whiskey. He wouldn’t take the pain medicine given to him by the V.A. He told me. Make him numb, dumb and tire. His kidney and liver was gone. I knew him for three years since I came to Fort Ord. California. He was a Korean war and Vietnam vet. He saw me walk-in and waved me over. He had two young woman with him. He was famous for drinking and having money to spend. Sergeant Major told them. This is a real war hero. He takes care of…

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My wild Texas rose…


  My wild Texas rose…

Kind mistress night brought her to me. The Austin, Texas bars brought people from all places together.
When the moon took over the night sky. People from different places fell into one hope.
Dance, laughter, drink and to enjoy the mystery of the night.

I went into a tavern/dance club and I saw three pretty ladies dancing together to the song of Bob Seger “Turn the page” on the dance floor . I drank my drink and I enjoyed the view. All of sudden. A beautiful strawberry blond hair girl asked me. Can you dance or are you waiting for the booze to kick in and to forget who you are? I held silence and I answered slowly. I’m just wasting time and trying to find reasons and purpose to be alive.

The Texas July heat had kicked in. Summer dresses and beautiful woman were…

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What is poetry…


What is poetry?

I was asked. What is poetry?

I told her, poetry is everything.

Poetry is the description of the first kiss, the first dance.

Poetry suppose make us laugh out loud, cry silent tears.

Great poetry steal us from lonely world,

made us believe and see miracles and wonder.

Make us want to dance in Florence,

drink German beer in Munich in October.

Make us want to feel the coldness of the sea and walk in the clouds.

Make us understand war, make us understand sickness.

Make us wishful for love and remember beautiful faces.

Yes I said, poetry is everything.

Dancing Coyote

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Life and Legends Issue 10 is LIVE!!!

Megha's World


Amazingly proud to bring my offering of Life and Legends Issue 10 as an #AssociateEditor. Proud and thrilled to have worked alongside my brilliant team of EIC Kalpna Singh-Chitnis and fellow editor Lopa Banerjee . Really thankful to Nirvan Chitnis for his hard work in putting the journal together and bringing this gorgeous journal to fruition.

Life and Legends: A Silent River Film and Literary Society’s Non Profit Journal

Thankful to the amazingly talented contributors of the journal for trusting us with your work and supporting the journal. Do spread the word!!

You can read the Tenth Edition of the Journal and all the previous editions online here.

Come read what the journal Tenth edition has to offer in the words of EICKalpna Singh-Chitnis

“The Tenth Edition of Life and Legends is a team effort and a labor of love. I want to thank our new…

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Thank You My WP Family


“The two hardest tests on the spiritual road are the patience to wait for the right moment and the courage not to be disappointed with what we encounter.” – -Paulo Coelho

I waited patiently for my time, and I was never disappointed even if waiting seemed longer than I expected.

‘Twas worth the wait. So, thank y’all my wonderful readers, followers and friends I would have not made it this far without your love and support .

My GRATITUDE always and forever

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Fandango Provocative Question # Regrets

Come Read This!

Keep it alive

Fandango is our host of Fandango Provocative Question


Welcome once again to Fandango’s Provocative Question..

Lucille Ball, the American actress and comedian, was quoted as saying…

“I’d rather regret the things I’ve done than regret the things I haven’t done.”

For this week’s provocative question I’m going to ask you to think back upon the life you’ve lived so far. And as you do so, consider this week’s question:

What is your biggest regret in life?


Regret is futile as it only leaves us with a feeling of failure and negativity.

I have made many mistakes in life. And wrong decisions as well. I’ve done things I should not have done. But I don’t regret any of them.


I have learned from my mistakes, so if I hadn’t made any, I would still be the fool I was when I made them.

The wrong decisionsI have made…

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the things we say in the night (a poem)

Katie Kay

i know the things i say in the night,
intensify in the soft moonlit chill;
i know the things you say in the night,
inspire you with a mean little thrill.

i know the things i do in the night,
sing me sweetly to a cosmic sleep;
i know the things you do in the night,
make you feel like you’re in too deep.

you know i’ve said too much in the night,
prepared a ghost story or two;
you know you’ve said too little in the night,
concocted your lies instead of what is true.

you know i’m mystified by the night,
though i’d rather fall into a dream;
you know you’re chained to the night,
and i won’t ever hear you scream.

we know the things we say in the night,
mean more to one than to the other;
we know the things we say in the night,

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