The Loop


Two souls are meant to cross paths

Every time I see him I knew I wanted him, but is that what I needed?

His warmth, his scent, I didn’t understand why but I felt safe in his presence

‘what’s for me will always be mine, that’s why I’m relaxed ‘ he whispered and smirked as his gaze touched mine


‘I miss you terribly’ he says

He sounded so genuine but defeated that I swore my heart ached a little

I held in a whimper as he stared deep into my eyes

Feelings are dangerous, thoughts and imagination will be the end of us


We both knew that, but yet we craved each other more

I gasped a little as his cold finger started tracing my lips

His touch almost sent shivers down my spine

As I fell hopelessly in love, his lips brushed against the nape of my…

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