Crimson Creative Challenge # 135

Keep it alive

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Welcome to my weekly challenge—open to all—just for FUN, FUN, FUN


Let’s go for a ride
The ponies are fresh, waiting to be exercised
And I would love to chat with you without prying ears
No one can listen in to our conversation here
I have loads of secrets to share with you
Let’s go riding in that shady lane




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Sunday Poser # 32

Keep it alive

Welcome to another week of Sunday Poser

I think insomnia, specially the occasional type is something most people are familiar with. Almost once a week, there is a night when I just can’t sleep. Last night was one of those nights.

My question this week is;

What do you do when you can’t go to sleep?

I have many strategies to get back to sleep.

A walk, in side my living room and adjacent corridor helps if I am feeling restless.

Drink half a glass of milk and perhaps eat a cookie if I’m feeling hungry.

Pick up my phone and check out the blogs, comments and WP reader.

Think of new blogging ideas, questions for my Sunday Poser and research photos for my WDYS posts.

Play games on my phone. Anything that requires me to think, like sudoku brings on the sleep faster.

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What do you see # 85 – A Roundup

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Keep it alive

After withstanding many months of pleading from my grandson, I finally caved in and adopted a stray, rescue kitten from a friend. It’s not as cute or adorable as this one but still he already feels like one of my grandkids to me. Lovable and fun. The reason it took me so long to acquiesce was that I’ve NEVER had a pet in my entire life. So it was a big adjustment. I had to learn everything from scratch. How to feed him, How to keep its litter clean, and the vet visits. Right now he has made himself at home in our living room and is busy exploring. Yesterday we had to rescue him twice from the top of the window curtain railing where he had blithely climbed but didn’t know how to come down. I am glad I took this decision. My grandson is over the moon.


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Published – May – Megha Sood

Go Dog Go Café

Hello Everyone-

Please join me in congratulating Megha Sood on another fabulous month of published work. Megha is kind enough to share this list with us as they are a wonderful resource should you decide you want to submit your own work.


List of events/publications/contest/press mentions for the month of May 2021

1. Nominated for the iWGA ( international Women Global Awards)2021

2.Poetry Published in the Home Planet Online Issue no 8

3. Featured Poet on the 1 year anniversary of When People Speak, May 25, 2021

4. Poetry Published in Nebo, Arkansas Tech University Journal

5. Featured Artist in the AAPI Heritage Month by INFullColor

6. Featured Poet in the Spectrum Publishing, California

7. Poetry Published in VIsual Verse

8. Poetry Published in the First JC Library Poetry Showcase

9. Poetry Published in the NY based Press, Spillwords

10. Poetry featured outside the…

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