Special Offer on My Editing Services!


One of my goals for 2021 was to gain more clients for my freelance editing services. This goal has prove difficult to achieve so far, but I am determined to make this goal a success! So for a limited time, I am offering something special to first time clients!

From the date of this post (June 12th) until July 4th, I am offering new clients their first 10,000 words edited free of charge. This means that at my rate, new clients will receive $100.00 off their first piece that I edit! The only catch to this is that your piece must be over 10,000 words because I would still like to make some money for my time!

So if you’re on a budget, looking for your first editor (or maybe even a new one), then now would be a great time to consider me! Below I will link…

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