Charmed Chaos

“When the owl sings, the night is silent.“- Charles de Leusse

Fleeting breeze from feathered wings 
Kissing my startled face
Embedding the sight upon my soul,

An indelible mark on fair skin  
Astounding how a watchful owl 
Came to me, came to be

A welcome companion 
In the last days of her life
Bringing a message, an omen

Live, Live, Live- Be free, Believe 
See life’s miracles surrounding
And let your heart soar free, unbound

Author’s Note: Back in May, I had a visit from a great horned owl. She stayed with me for six days. I wrote about my encounter with Bella (a name I gave her) during that time. Needless to say, she left a mark on my soul that I will carry forever. You can search my archives for the month of May 2020 if interested. Here is a story I wrote about her:

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