Things Resilient Couples Do Differently

Be Inspired..!!

When a relationship hits a rough patch, it can be easy to think pessimistically. Thinking optimistically isn’t about rainbows and unicorns, rather, it’s about being realistic. Optimistic thinkers are able to identify solutions that haven’t yet been tried. In addition, optimistic thinkers zero in on what they can control, influence or leverage.

Here are seven hallmarks of resilience in relationships:

  1. CARE rather than confront during tough conversations. 
    C – Communicate the facts
    A – Address your concerns in an objective way
    R – Reach out and ask the other person for his/ her perspective
    E – Evaluate outcomes
  2. Find your “I want” power.
    Tap into your “I want” power – “It’s the ability to find your motivation for an important long term goal when your willpower reserves are running low.
  3. Connect during daily transition points. 
    A kiss, hug, smile, or touch when waking up, leaving for the day, coming back…

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