Anytime you want

Just me

Come find me whenever you need me,

I promise I’ll be there, always.

Come to me when things get tough,

I can’t make it any easier,

but I promise I’ll stay with you through all of it.

Come to me when confusion clouds your mind,

I can’t make it any clearer for you,

but I promise you won’t ever have to be alone.

Come to me when you feel like you have no where to go,

and I promise I’ll try my best to let you know

that you’ll always have a place with me.

Come to me anytime you want,

and I promise I’ll be there

even if it’s all that I can ever do.


What did this poem make you feel? Did it remind you of someone in your life or of someone for whom you would have done anything? Share your thoughts below in the comment…

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