What do you see # 84 – A Roundup

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Keep it alive

All that I possess in this world is here

I roam the city with my world around me, always

I make my home wherever my fancy strikes

A park bench for a resting place, fresh air my environs

My music to feed my soul and to keep my memories alive

A fantastic collection of beautiful poem and stories in response to this week’s image. Please click on the links to read the posts.

Chris Hall; Winter Song

Mason; The humanitarian erhu player

Tanya; Serenity at a bargain

Radhika; Finallyat peace

Michnavs; Two poems

Reena; What do you see # 84

Melanie; What do I see # 84

Di; What do you see # 84

Susi; Thoughts with my Erhu

Carol; Music music everywhere

Poetic thoughts; Musical soliloquy

Eugenia; Encore, please

Tessa; Joy

Jules; Instrumental

Jeff; My years

Kritika; Healer

Shweta; The man with the erhu

Suzette; Collection Plate


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