21 things you probably couldn’t know from my ex.

I Think For All

Things my ex might have never told you:

1. I parallel park the car well.

2. He was not sapiosexual. He actually once said that he did not want this much intelligent girl like me for marriage.

3. I am quite spontaneous when it comes to dates. Wherever you want to go, I am ready to go there even in the middle of a cozy date.

4. I stay anxious for the first 5-10 minutes no matter how many times I have met you or how much comfortable I am with you.

5. I never told him ‘I love you’ in real, or say, face to face. [I have actually never said these words to any single person in real. Just couldn’t.]

6. Non-consensual foreplay doesn’t mean sex. Yup, I never did it. Doing only this much n this way was his definition of sex, not mine, it’s not even…

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Little poems


Little poems

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"May-day poetry number sixteen."                     

 Little poems

Number one-

With Johnnie Walker whiskey confident and on a wing and prayer.

I asked the pretty Texas gal for a dance.

The pretty maiden laughed and she smiled.

She whispered to me.

Life is ours to take chances or not, life can be breath taking.

We must dance when we can dear soldier and

I would be honored to do the Texas two-step with you tonight.

Number two-

I long to see your face,

I long to hear your voice, your laughter.

I need to have your tender finger interlacing and dancing with my fingers.

I want us fall in love again.


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Trying to lose your memory…


Trying to lose your memory

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Old poetry written in 1992"        

               Trying to lose your memory

I tried to find peace and calm in the coffee houses of Monterey, drinking strong coffee and reading dead-end poetry at the nightly poetry readings. I thought I was safe. 2500 miles from your memory. I sat in the Irish Taverns drinking the strong whiskey and heavy beer trying to erase your face from my heart and memory. Even the ocean beauty and power left me wishing to have you near and hear your voice again.

I left California. Landed in Reno. I played the tables and I drank the free drinks. There are beautiful woman near me. Auburn hair and blue eyes made me feel weak, brought back old nightmares of never knowing peace.

I left Reno and I went to New York city. I wrote poetry…

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