Work From Home

Frank Solanki

Which sane man likes to wake up
Just at the crack of dawn
Get dressed and go running to work
Sleepwalk throughout with a yawn?

Who likes to spend two hours daily
To reach a place you most hate
And then be treated like a criminal
If you’re even a minute late?

Work from home was always a dream
And now my dream’s come true
You know what they say – Be careful what you wish
For God just might give it to you

It’s been a little over two days and
Things have gone berserk
Whenever I take a minute’s break
My wife thinks I do no work

So she nags me to lend a helping hand
We fight over it all day
Then my boss wants to know about a file
And I have nothing to say

So here I am with two bosses
Doing work and household…

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