Remember Me

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A Struggling Author

Don’t remember me
For the mistakes I make.
For those in the past
Are certainly not going to be my last.

Remember me
For how I make amends.
Every now and then,
Even when I leave you wondering when.

Don’t remember me
For what I say.
For I may not have said
As much as I may have taken to bed.

Remember me
For how I stood beside you.
Whether you spelt it out
Or I myself figured out.

Don’t remember me
For what I did for you.
For many will surpass me
Whether or not I let it be.

Remember me
For how I made you feel
When we were surrounded by many
Or not at all any.

Don’t remember me
When I am gone,
When you can’t see me anymore,
When you can touch me no more.

Remember me
Every day in your heart,
As I still have…

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