Pillars of Self Confidence

Be Inspired..!!

Confidence. It’s one of those things we often envy in others, wondering how they so effortlessly present themselves to the world. Maybe you’re one of those people who comes across as really confident but is filled with self-doubt underneath. Or, perhaps you used to be really confident until so-and-so or such-and-such robbed you of your self-belief.  We all know that greater confidence would make a big difference to our lives but many of us believe it’s a quality you’re either born with or you’re not…Not true.

Confidence, rather like a muscle, can be developed. I know this from personal experience and it all started when I began to look inside myself for answers. As a confidence and performance coach, I specialise in helping people rediscover their ‘mojo’. Life can knock us down but we can all choose to get up. I’m not saying it’s easy or quick but with consistent…

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