Daily Dose for the Mind

Be Inspired..!!

Why can’t you trust that friend? Because you know all too well that you, too, are capable of lying in a similar circumstance. What makes us truly happy is meeting someone who accepts us for who we are. Even if we are successful, we can still feel inadequate and insecure if we are made to believe that something is wrong with us. According to some psychologists, happiness can be assessed with two simple questions. First, do you find meaning in your work? Second, do you have good relationships with those around you?

Are you lonely because you are alone? According to the Talmud, every blade of grass has an angel who protects it. The angels whisper to each blade, “Grow! Grow!” If even a blade of grass has an angel, wouldn’t each of us as well? If you feel lonely, think of the angel on your shoulder and be grateful…

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