Boundary Building Checklist

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Boundaries are the limits you set for yourself that define what you’re willing to do, accept or tolerate. Establishing what your boundaries are can help you decide what to do next. For instance, if someone treats you badly, how are you going to take care of yourself? If a situation starts to feel unsafe, how can you remove yourself? Boundaries are the best way to protect yourself physically or emotionally. So how do you start? Setting healthy limits starts by knowing what you need and taking responsibility for it.

Effective boundaries are your ability to protect yourself, not control what the other person is doing. They’re all about self-care – not penalizing the other person for not giving you what you want! Here’s a quick checklist of where you can begin.

Say No To

  • Worrying about things and people you cannot control.
  • Ignoring my need to balance my time.
  • Negative…

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