WQWWC #27: Writer’s Choice

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Marsha is the host of WQWWC

Since today’s choice of #WQWWC is Writer’s Choice, I have chosen……

A funny look at weight loss

How easy it is to gain weight. A few pounds gain can happen in a few days. As if we are made of air, and just blow more and we expand!While losing weight is a Herculean task. The math doesn’t adds up even. The number of calories burned never equals the number of pounds lost!!!!


I’ve heard through credible sources that people lose weight when they are stressed or depressed. I am not one of those. I gain weight if I’m sad, or happy or stressed or depressed. It works just one in direction for me. Never in the other direction!

Maybe if a grow a foot taller, I will be okay for my weight. It used to be good till I was growing up…

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