Skin, gin and sin city…


Skin, gin and sin city….

Pretty lady sat near me at the tavern and I said hello. She smiled and she came nearer. She caressed my military hair-cut and she asked. Soldier, coming home or going to war? I told her, the war is done for awhile. 

She spoke like a hooker in a high class Vegas club. She was. Her voice sweet and spicy. She whispered with a twisted smile, “Skin, gin and sin city. Ambrosia for us who understand, the body demand payment, the gin taste better with ice and lemon juice. Sin city was built from the lowest form of life. Utopia for us who love to taste the dirt of living. You damn soldiers and I. Just selling and buying shit from liars and the naysayers.”

I told her, I loved her black dress, I loved her long legs, as long as highway 80 and you…

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Johnnie sat alone in the Purgatory Inn in Seaside, California. Once he wanted to consume life and he had ascended to lonely places and the kind sea near. Once he loved, love. Love wasn’t his wealth and he learn. The kind sea, was his only friend who had not betrayed him. He drank the Long Island ice teas and he wandered in his mind to the days where he was bathe in love kiss and her generous embrace. He wrote to paper and journal.

“Once love was so sweet.

once love was pure and I was brave.

Once I weaved passionate days and nights of splendor.

Now, Love had forgot my name.

Now lustful man don’t seek the immortal love.

He had learn.

We become careless and forget.

Love need reminders, sweet words and a place where love can grow.

Pain, grief and lost faith in the goals of men.

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I am waiting for you


I am waiting for you…

(Poem 24 for April. The poetry month.)

Once we were brave, we stripped bare and we showed real face. I sang to you.

“I am waiting for you my dearest love.

I remember you told me on Winter day in Monterey.

Only love can hurt like this.

We can play the lover, we can play the fool.

Please say that you love me still,

please show me.

Love is merciful and kind.

We are the same and we are different.

We are like the sand and the sea.

Touching, teasing and tempting faith.

Do we know love?

Or are we just dancers upon the thread of love blessings?”

My lady love brought me closer and she kissed me long and sweetly. She whispered. Be quiet dear Johnnie. We love the sea, we love the sangria and coke in the early morning and we have today…

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Life is a mixture of good and bad. It won’t always be smooth sailing. Problems will come along. At times you may feel as if you are being tested. There is a saying “the race is not for the swift but for those that can endure.” Endurance is one ingredient in the key to success. Don’t give up!

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Hold it a little Longer

Confab With Me

Hold that thought a little longer 
in the fold of your heart
let it simmer and take shape,
get ascertain
before you say those magic words

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