David Bruce: 250 Anecdotes About Religion — Prayer

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• George Washington said grace at his table although a clergyman was dining with him. After the clergyman had left, Mr. Washington’s wife told him that he should have asked the clergyman to say grace. Mr. Washington expressed regret, then added, “The reverend gentleman will at least be assured that we are not entirely graceless at Mount Vernon.”

• A little girl had been naughty, so she was sent to her room for a quiet time. Afterward, all smiles, she returned to her family, saying, “I prayed to God.” “That’s good,” said her mother. “Did you pray that God would help you be a good girl?” “No,” she replied. “I prayed that God would help you put up with me.”

• When Mark Twain was dying, a relative wrote him to say that she had asked some nuns to pray for him. Mr. Twain wrote back, “I am grateful for the prayers…

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