Throw that Grudge away

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The grudges we keep take away the space from our heart, which otherwise should have housed love

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Be Happy!


Life is a journey,
Take it like that!
Potholes exist,
Twists and turns come your way,
Skids happen,
That doesn’t mean the road ends!

Keep going,
Carve your way!
Even on the darkest days,
With a single optimistic thought,
You can beat the negativity!

There is always beauty around,
If you consciously seek it!
Believe in possibilities,
Ways will unfold!

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👊🏾 The Cliff 👊🏾


Who do you call when you need some help? Who do you call when you by yourself? Who do you call when you feel down low? I just wanna let go, let go……….

I’m at the bottom of the mountain, trying to make it to the top. The mind is physically exhausted, heart is telling me not to stop.

Keeping a smile on the face, despite my all time lows. Even within all the darkness, I manage to see my shadow.

By getting a glimpse of that, I know these storms will end. From beyond the poetic mountains when I needed it, the Sun finally rose again.

I look up beyond the horizon, and begin to make my climb. Who will extend their hand, if I slide backwards time after time?

I slip and lose my footing, as I fall and grip the ledge. Don’t look into the darkness…

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Tuesday Writing Prompt -Key to becoming a good blogger

Keep it alive

Devereaux Frazier and Beth Amanda are currently hosting the Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge.

Today’s prompt: Write a poem that ends with the word “key


What in your opinion is the key to being a successful blogger?

In my opinion, blogging is all about connecting with your reader.

If you have a niche, the reader/ follower would know that and they would read your latest post to get updated about it.

If you’re a writer of stories or poetry, interested people will be logging in to read them. Whatever you write, the people who feel a connection will be there to read your posts.

How to develop this connection?

There are many ways to connect to your reader;

• Write genuine content, something that is original and comes straight from you. Even a researched post should have that special touch that only you can give it.

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Change in the aura


Those dreams that I planted in my garden,

When full-grown, I’ll be there holding them in my knees to bestow.

These fantasies aren’t that crucial you know

To leave my person behind with somebody I don’t know,

I want you to be safeguarded by my own,

I don’t wanna change the aura,

nor do I want to change you.

My sky would fall in your love,

And if I’ll be honest I want you to be

there in my dreams too!

-Riya Shah

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I would choose myself over you!

I am being unapologetic about it,

As I am honest, even when I like you more.

A forest would choose her burnt trees

and withered flowers as they are hers,

Even when I am broken, I am mine to be underwritten.

Not by you as you are still a lover, treating me as a home.

I see you with myself even when I am fine

with everything undone and hardly true.

When I choose myself over you, I’d be kind to you,

And when I’d ask you the same thing,

I am hoping that you choose yourself over me too.

-Riya Shah

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