Book Release – Real Big American Zen by Brandon White

Raw Earth Ink

Raw Earth Ink is proud to present Brandon White’s second book, Real Big American Zen, a collection of poems and letters written in a year of uncertainty and change during the 2020 pandemic.

From the back: “Throughout the poetry found in Brandon White’s second collection weave the themes of an ache established in isolation, the depths of soul-searching, and unexpected humor scratched out of dark places. He ponders raising young children in times of great uncertainty while digging into what it means to be an American during times of unprecedented political turmoil. As such, White holds the unsteady mirror up for all of us, making adjustments to a life in chaos and advancing over the uneasy path of a year swept in pandemic.”

You can find Brandon on his website, or purchase this book from lulu, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Kindle.

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