Resolutionizing – May


Did we make it through the snow and drizzle? I sure fucking hope so!
The massive sunburn I got yesterday when playing my first baseball-match (a 10-3 victorrrrryyyyy!) of the year-post-corona definitely suggests we might be on the road to better weather. And with better weather, come better moods. At least, for me. I’m a total summer person. I need temperatures above 20 degrees (Celsius, obviously) to at least function, and now that the sun finally seems to agree with that again (regardless of the AUTSCH IT BURNSES US!) – I’m looking at the world a whole lot more brightly.

Which means that it’s time to have a look at the things-accomplished-in-April which, overall – I deem as a GREAT month. I’ve made good progress on some resolutions, awesome progress on others, and even though I’m failing in some other areas, that’s not yet…

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