Blogging Insights – Real life Inspo

Keep it alive

Tanya is our host from Blogging Insights series

She says;

For this month I am going to try something new on Blogging Insights. For the next four weeks we will discuss different aspects of the same theme : Blogging Inspiration. We have discussed what inspires us earlier on this platform. This time let’s do it in a little more detail. So here goes:


Do real life events and real people inspire your blog posts, and how?


My short answer is that I do take my inspiration from real life. And I think most bloggers do that.

My blog is a recording of what I feel and experience. Though I don’t do it in a journal-style but it is a reflection of what I am feeling. Whatever is happening around me influences me and I write directly or indirectly about it.

Though I do write in response…

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