Poetic Cat’s Got My Tongue

Come learn to write Elfchens – short, simple and fun! Capture those simple thoughts – also read Celaine’s “You’re invited: Elfchen Poetry Potluck”

Steps In Between

It’s National Poetry Month, but have I written any poetry? Sadly, no. I’m forgiving myself though and blaming the cat. Figuratively speaking, of course, since I’m allergic to cats.

Once again, it’s Elfchens (eleven-word poems) to the rescue!

The idiom, cats got your tongue, has some disturbing literal origins, and for those reasons I will let readers dabble with them on their own. https://allthatsinteresting.com/cat-got-your-tongue.

For my context today, I’m taking the childhood silly saying to mean, I have no words right now.


pierced and pawed,

muffled by fur.

Gleaming cat eyes warn,


No words at all? That’s not necessarily true either. I have been writing away in the fiction corner of my life, and though a year ago I easily balanced both poetry and fiction, the latter seems to be monopolizing all my brain power. Hence, the very reason I am forgiving myself. I still feel…

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Sunday Poser # 25

Keep it alive

Welcome to week # 25 of Sunday Poser

This week my question is;

Are you easily embarrassed and what embarrassesyou?

I was much prone to getting all embarrassed and hot under the collar when I was younger. As I may have mentioned before that I tend to commit a lot of faux pas, so it carried from there that I ended up in quite a few embarrassing situations.

Like I would utter a remark that was best left unsaid, or comment in a way that it came out all wrong. I was also quite ignorant of social norms and would do things out of sync with others. In these situations, I would get very embarrassed on the inside, while trying to appear cool on the outside.

But as I have grown older and wiser ( hopefully) I have learned not to pay that much attention to what others are…

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