Daily Dose for the Mind

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Let the waves of sensations surface and recede. Attend to the sensations moving through your body. When the waves become a bit calmer, look deeply and see what is beneath them. Are there any hidden emotions beneath the anger and bitterness? Do you see fear, shame, or grief? Is there loneliness and insecurity? Rather than drowning in them, observe them.

As your heart becomes more tender and open, turn your attention toward the aggressor. Can you look beneath that person’s mask and feel what is underneath such violence and dishonesty?
Can you sense his fear, insecurity, and unworthiness? Can you feel loneliness or shame under the surface? Rather than surrendering to him, observe him compassionately.”

Inside of us there is a steep mountain of fear and a deep river of grief. But there is also the compassionate eye witnessing your inner landscape. May you find your inner witness, the source…

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