When Dreams End

A Magical Collaboration with Penny!!!

Penny Wilson Writes

*By Penny Wilson And Charles Robert Lindholm
Deep asleep anddreamingThe vision of your faceCame to me last nightWith sweet lips smiling and your eyes sparklingYou came to    hold my hand         and walk with medown memory lane  I felt your touch andsaw our loveI can't wait untilthedreamsendand we can betogetheragainDancing with the angelswhere we have anever ending futureto share

Copyright © 2021 Penny Wilson And Charles Robert Lindholm
All Rights Reserved – 05-26-2021

*My Dear Friend, Chuck over atThe Reluctant Poetcollaborated with me on 
this poem. We bounced the piece back & forth via emails until we came up with
what you see here. It was a joy to work with Chuck. I hope you enjoy our
endeavor and that you will take a moment and visit Chuck's blog…

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