A to Z Challenge- People, Qualities or Things that inspired me – W

Keep it alive

For Letter W, my choice is Noah Webster

Facts about NoahWebster

Noah Websterdied at84 years old
Born:October 16,1758
Died:May 28,1843
Birthplace:West Hartford,Connecticut,United States
Best known as:The man behind 1828’sAn American Dictionary of the English Language

Noah Webster Biography

Lexicographer, Writer

Noah Webster was a Connecticut writer and educator whose greatest achievement wasAn American Dictionary of the English Language, first published in 1828. Webster graduated from Yale in 1778, during the American Revolutionary War. He was staunchly anti-British and considered the new American nation to be morally superior to Europe. Webster taught school and practiced law, but his real talent lay in writing, and he spent his career advocating for a distinct American identity by way of language. He published several textbooks, including 1783’sA Grammatical Institute of the English Language, a…

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