It’s Amazing, isn’t it?

Keep it alive

Yesterday, in comments with Rory, I remarked that the rain, they were having in UK, would be much appreciated here in my city right now as we are headed towards our very long and very hot summer. And he said that people on his side of the world would appreciate our sunshine and warm weather.

This got me thinking!

How amazing is that we humans are always craving what we don’t have and often ignore what we do have!

My country has 4 seasons, and almost all types of geographical terrain. Yet, when we think of going to a hilly place, we think of Switzerland! We disregard the beautiful amazing places in the north of our country, places which are visited by tourists from all over the world. (Our northern mountain ranges hold quite the attraction for mountaineers)

I think what I want to say that what we have aplenty…

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