Ditch Your Doubts and Fears Now is the Time to Chase Your Dreams – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Action. Get up. Get moving. Level up.

We’re all guilty. Athought forms, generating an urge to start something. Perhaps I should write a few words in my diary, run the dishwasher, or exercise. But I hesitate. The couch is comfy. Besides I don’t feel like writing, I’m not inspired, and my journal is in the next room. The dishes can wait for another commercial break, and didn’t the weather forecast call for rain? A must-see episode is starting, so I’ll settle in, get comfy, and nothing awful will happen.

The problem is nothing good will happen either. You won’t advance towards your cherished dreams,inspiration and opportunities won’t be knocking on your door, and your dignity will disappear into a dark basement corner. It’s not your fault. It is your brain’s primal impulse for survival. When you pause, your brain senses uncertainty and fear and creates…

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