Dare Feeling Uncomfortable, Upend Your Daily Routine and Unkink Your Creativity – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk

If you feel bored or uncomfortable as you're writing, ask yourself what's bothering you and write about that. Sometimes your creative energy is like water in a kinked hose, and before thoughts can flow on the topic

It was an accident—a string of unfortunate incidents leading to my little discovery. Are you ready for a story? Then stick with me. When I started my planning for 2021, I discovered they changed the format of my favorite planner. The changes were deal breakers for me, and so I embarked on an exhausting, pain-in-the-butt process of finding a new planner that checked all my must-have buttons. I didn’t find a year-long calendar to fit my needs, but I found a 90-day, undated version I thought I might like. Apprehensive and not wanting to commit, I ordered one copy.

Q1, 2021 saw me venturing outside my box and loving it until it came time to order the book for Q2. Cue the dramatic music. They listed my new favorite as sold out, with no availability date noted. I contacted customer service, and they said they expected a shipment in June…

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