Daily Dose for the Soul

Be Inspired..!!

Five magic words: I want to feel good! Your emotions are a guidance system informing you of whether or not you’re creating resistance to your intentions. Feeling bad lets you know that you’re not connected to the power of intention. Your intention here is to be tranquil and stress free. When you feel good, you’re connected to your intentions, regardless of what goes on around you or what others expect you to feel. If there’s a war going on, you still have the option to feel good. If the economy goes further into the toilet, you have the option to feel good. In the event of any catastrophe, you can still feel good. Feeling good isn’t an indication that you’re callous, indifferent, or cruel—it’s a choice you make. Say it out loud: I want to feel good! Then convert it to: I intend to feel good. Feel the stress, and…

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