Leverage Your Brain Extenders for A Great Night’s Sleep – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk

Brain extenders are anything that get information out of our heads and into the physical world calendars, key hooks by the front door, note pads, 'to do' lists. Daniel Levitin

I felt frantic. My mind raced, and I had the overwhelming sensation of forgetting something of dire importance. I couldn’t sleep, and when I finally managed to doze, my dreams keep me tossing and turning all night. The white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland made frequent appearances in my nightly horror shows. Non-specific monsters chased me through swampy, misty lands until I reached the edge of the world and fell into the gaping maw of the abyss.

After a couple of nights of terror, I knew calming my anxiety demon was a must if I ever wanted to sleep again. My life was running at a fever pitch of meetings, appointments, deadlines, and commitments. I opened a fresh Excel spreadsheet and listed every task, project, chore, and promise floating around inside my head. It didn’t matter how minuscule or gargantuan the item, if it was on my mind, I wrote…

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